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    "I love this station"

    Thank you so much for having a place to go and listen to so many different teachers of like spirit. Thank you Solace. Shalom, Shalom and Shalom. I believe your reward will be great in His Kingdom. I am growing stronger and happier listening and feasting at His table.

    "A friend of mine"

    Would tell me, from time to time, of things he was hearing on Solace Radio and how much he enjoyed it. I didn't know until the other day that I could hear it on the internet. Thanks so much for being there. I do not have to go any further now. Solace Radio is the finest!

    "I've been following Torah for 5 months"

    I've seen my understanding of God's Word just explode! My whole life has been changed. I can think of others who are renewing and lifting up their spirits for the love of God, BLESS YOU! Through your radio programming! Can't get enough. May HaShem continue to be your rear guard.

    " This program changed my life forever around 2007. "

    I always knew in my heart that (what I was following) was of another seed. I finally understood when Messiah said he came to bring the sword, division among the closest of family members. Blessings.

    " I love Solace Radio"

     I listen to it for 2-3 hours every evening. No TV in my home, so this is the best replacement ever! I am a new messianic convert and my rabbi doesn't teach the deeper things of scripture that I am learning from solace. I am grateful for it...it fills such a need in my soul, and quells the yearning to know more and more

    "I am a new listener (less than a year) to Solace Radio."

    Now, after "stumbling across" Solace Radio, what started as an internet search through iTunes for Christian Praise and Worship music to enable myself to get a closer relationship with Yeshua (Jesus), turned into something, different. Best regards,
    May Adonai bless you, and keep you.

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  • His Mission


    HIS mission is to help others get closer to their heavenly Abba (Father) by exploring the Scriptures, the entire Bible, from a different perspective than we're usually taught.


    Solace Radio is a non-denominational, Messianic and Messianic-Jewish broadcast reaching thousands of cities, towns, villages, and burroughs throughout the United States and the world. Our radio station provides teachings from the Torah as well as the entire Bible for those who prefer an in-depth study of the scriptures. His people are truly being "fed". There will be no more boredom regarding scripture, just treasures being unearthed and revealed every day.

    Our Broadcasts

    Since 2006, people all over the world (184 countries, so far) have tuned into Solace Radio over five million hours! We broadcast studies of Torah (the first five books of the Bible, the prophets / prophecy and other writings), end times events, Hebraic word studies that open up understanding on a deeper level, Yeshua (Jesus) as our risen savior and means of our salvation, current events and news as it relates to Biblical prophecy, the 10 (+623) commandments and which ones actually apply to us. We consider Solace to be a congregation without walls, so we welcome you into our family.


    Solace Radio is not a 501C3 corporation like many giant ministries are. We're more like a "David" ministry with a small, two-warrior slingshot-bearing staff. Your donations are not tax deductible, but truly from your heart.

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