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It's Not A McCartney Single

Coming Up

Hope everyone had a wonderful time this past week. Food, friends, love and family.

We've been pretty busy also at Solace Radio. Listening to new teachers, lining up new programs, news and information plus specials.

One of the exciting things we've implemented this week is software for scheduling our programs, news and specials. We pray it will help you listen to the truth from our amazing teachers on a regular basis.

Also it allows www.solaceradio to change programming daily and on the fly for breaking news or headlines.

Coming up ( no it's not a McCartney single) some of the new programs include this week, "On This Day" with Bill Cloud. "An American Homestead", Readings and scriptures from the Torah, plus "One on One" with Alan Dershowitz.

INN News, new teachers, "testimonies" from some of the faith's most interesting people on how they met the Messiah. "The Line of Fire", plus more.

We pray the improvements are a blessing to you and yours, thank you to all those who have supported Solace Radio in prayer and financially.

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