Let it Loose

Wow, it's already fast approaching spring and time is zooming by. Since the first of the year, the staff here at Solace Radio, has been cramming and working with our New broadcasting software. The learning curve is exciting, for all of us.

At Solace Radio, we can now connect anywhere in the world to the News and programming that relates to all of us on an hourly basis or just at selected times.

We've were busy also this past week. Lining up new programs, news and information. One of the neat things we've implemented is new software for scheduling our programs, news and specials. We pray it will help you listen to the truth from our amazing teachers on a regular basis.

In addition Solace Radio is in prayer, that we will be able to broadcast from different parts of the globe the truth with Conferences (Live) such as the MJAA with direct reports thru reporters and programs as they occur.

The Father continues to bless his mission, with prayer support and financial support from those who understand the times, and signs. We are Blessed Thank you.

We pray the improvements are a blessing to you and yours, thank you to all those who have supported Solace Radio in prayer and financially.

With the new broadcasting Software we also have expanded our listener base, to handle the overwhelming listenership of Solace Radio since the end of the year. Now capable of handling 10,000 listeners at one time, we are able to handle significantly the on going outpouring of the Word across the World Thank You Abba, for your continued blessings.

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