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It Remains the Same

In October of 2018 we begin enlarging our ministry, worldwide to reach those wanting to Hear the Words of the Messiah through Video. Solace Radio's YouTube was created for just that purpose.

Thousands of our listeners, probably thought, that the change was going to affect Solace Radio after 12 years of broadcasting the truth. Or possibly we were going to cease broadcasting teachings and programs, which were changing lives, one heart at a time, all together.

The simple answer is no.

Solace Radio's God inspired mission continues. Reaching the world with the Living Word of the Messiah, through the Torah (Bible) in Alaska or Israel, Canada or Texas, Europe or Asia. Our goal will never change or waiver. The Word's of the Torah guide our every thought, prayer, and programming, whether Solace Radio or Solace Radio's YouTube.

We pray you're continually blessed by the Words of the Father and we've helped change your life. Thank You for listening and watching.

Programs and Teachings are updated weekly on Solace Radio. Watch our Facebook for programming updates.

Solace Radio's YouTube is also updated weekly, with the current Torah Parsha every Thursday. Plus new programs and videos every Shabbat and throughout the week

Dianne and Eric Shalom

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