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  The Seeds of the Father

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The Seeds of the Father are Spreading

With summer just a few weeks away we thought we'd update you on our progress and growth Solace Radio is experiencing over the airwaves.

The blessings of the Father this Spring have been amazing. Solace Radio is listener supported and the moving of hearts from across the world has been tremendous. With your help we have been able to ungrade our server and add additional servers to reach the thousands tuning in to the words of the Messiah.

In just over 5 months this year, over 98,000 people have tuned in to hear the words of Yeshua and fill their spirits with hope. Thank you for your support.

Recently we've had many of our listeners write us about programs heard on Solace Radio. Some wanting to know the program they just heard earlier in the day or looking for a schedule for our programs and teachers.

On our website we do have a schedule in place. At the top of the website (The slider) has a streaming daily schedule as well as some of the programs you'll hear on Solace Radio, continously streaming while your on the website.

The schedule for our daily programs is divided up simply Monday thru Friday, (with the teachers playing each day). You'll find our schedule and program highlights for the week at the top of the website hope you enjoy the addition.

New programs and teachers have also been added to our schedule this spring, with an emphasise on instruction, News and inspirational programming. New this spring- Understanding the Times, L'Chayim, BBC World News, Israel Weekly, Jerusalem Dateline, RT-America, VOA-World News Update plus more, thank you for your comments and love.

Beginning this week, Solace Radio will be having weekly updates and program information on our blog. Articles of interest and praise, introducing new teachers etc, Subscribe to our blog below to get the weekly updates right in your mailbox. Or comment on what you read or hear on Solace Radio (programs or teachers).


Still have questions write us directly at


Shalom and may your week be blessed.



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